Sintered Bushing Roller Chain (UR/ URN)

Servicing free chains employing sintered alloy bushings
Sintered bushing roller chain is maintenance-free chain suitable to a location where lubrication is hard. It uses bushings created of a sintered alloy which impregnates lubricating oil.
To the use that calls for clean physical appearance, rustless form (URN) is available.
Advised makes use of
?Situations the place lubrication is tough or elongation of chain frequently happens Remarks for use.
?Never use this chain in dusty environments. In such environments, use O-ring chains.
?This chain is for your use underneath light or medium load.Use O-ring chain whenever a substantial influence is applied to a chain.
?Set the chain feeding speed at 150m/min. or reduce.
Choice of chains
As for sintered bushing roller chains, the inner plates are thicker and the pins are longer than those of normal roller chains so as to compensate for the strength lowered from the use of sintered bushings.
For choosing a suitable chain, refer to “Selection of Chains”. Make use of the tables of maximum kilowatt ratings for sintered bushing roller chains that cover lower velocity ranges.
For sintered bushing roller chains, “Low-speed selection” can not be utilized because the “Maximum allowable load” inside the dimension table considers only the chain tensile tension and neglects the bushing strength.
Connecting backlinks and offset hyperlinks
For sintered bushing roller chain, R connecting hyperlinks are used for DID60 or smaller, and C connecting backlinks for DID80 or more substantial.
OJ can be utilised as offset back links. Please spot an order the connecting hyperlinks and offset backlinks specifying the sort for sintered bushing roller chain.
Within the tables of maximum kilowatt ratings, the power in the connecting back links and offset backlinks are taken under consideration.
Conventional sprockets is usually used for sintered bushing roller chains.