Screw air compressor

A rotary-screw compressor is a kind of gas compressor, such as for example an atmosphere compressor, that runs on the rotary-type positive-displacement system. They are commonly used to displace piston compressors where huge volumes of high-pressure surroundings are required, either for large commercial applications or even to operate high-power air flow tools such as for example jackhammers and effect wrenches. For smaller rotor sizes the inherent leakage in the rotors becomes much more significant, getting less practical than piston types for smaller volume air compressors.

The gas compression procedure for a rotary screw is a continuous sweeping motion, so there is quite small pulsation or surging of flow, as occurs with piston compressors. This also allows screw compressors to end up being significantly quieter and produce significantly less vibration than piston compressors.

Ever-power Rotary Screw Air flow Compressor. 230 volt with screw air compressor built-in air dryer and 80 gallon tank.Unit offers 13857hours onto it. Unit was lately serviced with fresh separator filters, air conditioning filter, oil filter, and new essential oil. Unit has been examined and functions great. Free freight shipping. Feel free to contact me with any queries you may have.
Item specifics
Rated Voltage: 230 V
Rated Hp:15 hp (11 kW)
Power Supply:Electric Airflow Volume (CFM): 60
Compressor Type:Rotary Screw
Air Tank Capacity: 80 gal
Motor Hp:10.5 to 30
Current Phase: 3 Phase