Roller Chains for Electrical power Transmission Specialty Chain Series

Responding to a variety of form of requires
Bicycle Chain
one.Rustproof taken care of Hi-Guard
(E) accessible
two. Lightest in the same dimension versions
Little Pitch Chain
one.Ultra-precise chain
two. 4.7625 mm pitch available
three. For high-tech machines
Engine Mechanism Chain
one.Camshaft drive timing chain
2.Drive chain of attached units
(oil pumps and so forth)
3.For higher effectiveness engines
Silent Chain
1.Suitable engaging construction
two.High-speed powerful tensile transmission doable
three.Substantial noise reduction
Silent Chain
1.Increased durability in contrast
to SC
2.Bigger noise reduction in comparison to SC
Agricultural Roller Chain
1.Remarkably wear resistant
2.Extremely heavy-load resistant
3.Really shock load resistant
BS Roller Chain(ISO B-series roller chain)
one.Complying with ISO “B series”standard
2.Complying using the British and German Standards
3.Sprockets comply using the British Common.
Leaf Chain
1.Composed of pins and plates only.
2.Increased power when compared to roller chains
3.Two forms can be found: AL and BL.
In addition to common chains, we also manufacture various chains formulated for specific applications this kind of as bicycle chains and motorcycle chains.
Some specialty chains is usually engaged with regular sprockets. Dress in resistant properties of common chains are integrated in the specs of each type of specialty chains.
Specialty chains are classified as follows:
?Bicycle Chain
?Compact Pitch Chain
?Engine Mechanism Chain
?Silent Chain
?Agricultural Chain
?Leaf Chain
?BS kind Roller Chain (British Normal Roller Chain)

Bicycle Chain
Bicycle chains are emblematic on the DID brand, and we have been founded originally to the manufacturing of bicycle chains. They have been employed in lots of bicycles produced in Japan and worldwide nations.
Recently, our Hi Guard Chain (E) with an additional rust preventive remedy has favorable track record by consumers. The bicycle chains have already been continuously examined and enhanced in efficiency, good quality and specs as viewed from the availability of present merchandise. As a consequence, they are really the lightest and most compact chains among items with the same dimension. Presently, they are utilised not just for bicycles but for many purposes this kind of as the driving of vending machines and agricultural implements and for conveyor systems.