china Trusted and Audited Suppliers manufacturer factory of Cycloidal Gear Reducer with 3 phase asynchronous induction motor

china  Trusted and Audited Suppliers manufacturer factory of Cycloidal Gear Reducer with  3 phase asynchronous induction motor

EPG has been effectively certified by ISO9002 Top quality Management Method, ISO9001 High quality Management Technique, API certificate, ISO/TS16949:2002 and ISO10012 measurement management technique.


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Production Plant




Electrical power Transmission




Cast Iron

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Horizontal (foot Mounted)



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Sound Shaft Hollow Shaft




one Year

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Shaft Input

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What is cycloid equipment reducer:


       Cycloid equipment reducer is a new transmission device which adopts cycloid equipment meshing with planetary transmission theory. The complete transmission gadget of cycloid gear reducer can be divided into 3 elements: enter element, deceleration component and output portion.

Doing work principle:

When the enter shaft with eccentric sleeve rotation for a 7 days, because of the characteristic of the cycloid gear tooth profile curve and its restricted by needle on the gear tooth, the movement of the cycloid gear becoming the two revolution and rotation of the airplane movement, switch on the input shaft is 7 days, eccentric sleeve also change the week, cycloidal wheel turned a gear reduction is received in the opposite route, and then with the help of W output mechanism, the cycloid gear rotates at lower velocity movement by means of the pin shaft, passed to the output shaft, minimal output speed can be achieved.

Main FeaturesAll planetary cycloidal reducer rotating unit can be divided into 3 elements:enter element,deceleration portion and output element.Dislocation on the enter shaft is geared up with a 180℃ of double eccentric sleeve,equipped with two ball bearings on the eccentric sleeve,the formation of H two cycloid equipment middle gap is the eccentric sleeve on the turning arm bearing raceway,and by a groud of cycloid gear and pin equipment ring of equipment meshing,less negative tooth meshing reduction mechanism to sort,(in buy to decrease friction,in small ratio of velocity reducer,the needle with needle tooth on the gear set).When the input shaft with eccentric sleeve rotation for a 7 days,as a outcome of the cycloid equipment tooth profile curve qualities and limited by needle on the equipment tooth,the movement of the cycloid equipment getting to be both revolution and rotation of the plane motion,and input shaft aremade for a 7 days,eccentric sleeve also switch the 7 days,cycloid gear in the reverse path all around a huge tooth variation reduction is attained, then with the assist pf W output system,the cycloid gear rotates at low velocity motion through the pin shaft,handed to the output shaft,reduced output pace can be accomplished.The Designation of Cycloidal ReducersInstance: BL(E)D41-1225-.37-WB: B series cyclo travel gearboxL: Vertical mounted with flange, Shaft downward(E): None-a single phase, E-two stage, S-a few stageD:Common electric motors41: Model amount 411225: Speed Reduction Ratio0.37: Electrical motor energy:.37kwW: Mounting way.Standard ParametersEnergy range: .25 – 90kWOutput velocity(r/min): .011 – 161Output Torque(N.M): Leading to 22920N.mAll designs of this cycloidal motor reducer areBW0、、BWD0、BW1、BWD1、BW2、BWD2、BW3、BWD3、BW4、BWD4、BW5、BWD5、BW6、BWD6、BW7、BWD7、BW8、BWD8、BW9、BWD9、BL0、BLD0、BL1、BLD1、BL2、BLD2、BL3、BLD3、BL4、BLD4、BL5、BLD5、BL6、BLD6、BL7、BLD7、BL8、BLD8、BL9、BLD9、BWE20、BWED20、BWE30、BWED30、BWE31、BWED31、BWE41、BWED41、BWE42、BWED42、BWE52、BWED52、BWE53、BWED53、BWE63、BWED63、BWE74、BWED74、BWE85、BWED85、BWE95BW12、BWD12、BW15、BWD15、BW18、BWD18、BW22、BWD22、BW27、BWD27、BW33、BWD33、BW39、WD39、BW45、BWD45、BW55、BWD55、BL12、BLD12、BL15、BLD15、BL18、BLD18、BL22、BLD22、BL27、BLD27、BL33、BLD33、BL39、LD39、BL45、BLD45、BL55、BLD55、BWE1512、BWED1512、BWE1812、BWED1812、BWE2212、BWED2212、BWE2215、BWED2215、BWE2715、BWED2715、BWE2718、BWED2718、BWE3318、BWED3318XW0、XW1、XW2、XW3、XW4、XW5、XW6、XW7、XW8、XW9、XW10、XW11、XW12XWD1、XWD2、XWD3、XWD4、XWD5、XWD6、XWD7、XWD8、XWD9、XWD10、XWD11、XWD12XL0、XL1、XL2、XL3、XL4、XL5、XL6、XL7、XL8、XL9、XL10、XL11、XL1XLD1、XLD2、XLD3、XLD4、XLD5、XLD6、XLD7、XLD8、XLD9、XLD10、XLD11、XLD12XWED20、XWED32、XWED42、XWED53、XWED63、XWED74、XWED84、XWED85、XWED95、XWED106、XWED128XLE20、XLE32、XLE42、XLE53、XLE63、XLE74、XLE84、XLE85、XLE95、XLE106、XLE128XLED20、XLED32、XLED42、XLED53、XLED63、XLED74、XLEDK84、XLED85、XLED95、XLED106、XLED128XJ0、JXJ0、XJ1、JXJ1、XJ2、JXJ2、XJ3、JXJ3、XJ4、JXJ4、XJ5、JXJ5、XJ6、JXJ6、XJL0、JXJL0、XJL1、JXJL1、XJL2、JXJL2、XJL3、JXJL3、XJL4、JXJL4、XJL5、JXJL5、XJL6、JXJL6、XJE10、JXJE10、XJE20、JXJE20、XJE31、JXJE31、XJE41、JXJE41、XJE42、JXJE42、XJE52、JXJE52、XJE53、JXJE53、XJE63、JXJE63、XJLE10、JXJLE10、XJLE20、JXJLE20、XJLE31、JXJLE31、XJLE41、JXJLE41、XJLE42Reduction ratio mainly is seven,nine,eleven,17,23,29,35,forty three,59,71,87,ninety nine,121,187,289,391,493,595,731,841,1003,1225,1505,1849,2065,2537,3481,4189,5133,7569.Paint Shade: VariousMaterial: Rugged cast iron or ductile housingsLubrication: Grease or oil lubricated models obtainable.Seals: Nitrile materials, dual lipped, double output seals obtainable.Doing work: 24 hrs continuous offered and shaft ahead reverseReducer Reduction: Inner planetary gear mechanism with trochoidal curved tooth profile.Ambiance: Effectively ventilated location, free of charge of corrosive gases, explosive gases, vapors and dustSoftware :• Conveyors • Sawmills and Wood Mills • Food Equipment • Wastewater Treatment• Mixers • Metal Mills • Automotive Vegetation • Building Equipment• Paper Mills • Recycling Machines • Poultry Vegetation • Processing Plants• Oil Push Device • Rotary FeederWhat are our unique rewards in producing Cycloidal Reducers your choice factory infrastructure expenditure? we can help you:● Supplying correct kind gearbox and merged gearbox to meet your application needs● Greater handling servicing expense and lifting operation efficiency● Bettering generation capability and boosting economic profitability.cycloidal gear reducer is extensively utilised in a lot of industries such as Textile production and foods sector. it is tiny but extremely good top quality. This variety of equipment reducer can divided into three elements, the input , the reduction part and the output shaft. There is a double eccentric locking collars in the input element. when input shaft turns a round, the eccentric locking collars will also turns a spherical so that transfer to the reduction component. to make the output shaft turns. so it make torques. Efficiency can get to 95% . Usually, there are two mounting way and this is vertical mounting.It can be extensively used in sector of Coal, steel, machinery, chemical, textile, mixer and so forth. This can have one phase, two levels and three phases reduction gear. If you want it with flange, we can make. the cost with flange or with out flange is identical. How to pick a proper variety of Gearbox : It is advised that as a lot as attainable of the adhering to information be offered in the enquiry or get so that a verify can be made and advice presented on the most appropriate dimensions of Worm Velocity Reducer for any application.1.Type of key mover.two. Horse-electrical power of key mover.three. Output torque necessary from driven member. four. Enter speed of gear unit.five. Output pace of equipment device. six. Configuration of drive necessary and shaft disposition. seven. Whole daily several hours of running. If working is intermitteTo get the variety-pick reference,make sure you make contact with our specialized rep or sales rep .

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OUR Business

We are a producer in ZJ Province, China. Our organization owns the ability of manufacturing, processing, developing and R&D. We welcome your visit.

We take care of the items of electricity transmission, our lines primarily go over series merchandise in pace reducers, gearboxes , linked electricial motors and other energy transmission components. Based on the versatile functions, our merchandise can be used in numerous fields: machines of waste water treatment, dredgers, chemical industry, cranes, metallic working mills, conveyors, paper industry, cement industry, cableways and so on.With the exceptional high quality and reasonable cost , our products appreciate a excellent reputation from buyers and the peers all over the globe.

Our charges are always aggressive. If the client can area a massive order, we definitely will let discount.


Packing & Delivery


Q1: Are you a buying and selling business or a producer ?
A: We are a manufacturer in ZJ Province, China. Our company owns
the ability of producing, processing, developing and R&D. We welcome your pay a visit to.

Q2: How we decide on models and requirements?
A: According to the certain particulars of the requires from the portion of enquiry,
we will advise the products’ designs upon synthesizing the factors of
subject of products use, power, torque arm and ratio…

Q3: How is your value? Can you provide any price cut?
A: Our prices are usually competitive. If the customer can area a massive get,
we surely will enable price cut.

This autumn: How prolonged need to I wait around for the suggestions right after I send out the enquiry?
A: We will reply as shortly as achievable, 12 hours at most.

Q5: What is your item warranty period?
A: We have the certifications of ISO9001,CE, SGS.

Q6: What industries are your gearboxes currently being used?
A: Our gearboxes are broadly utilized to metallurgical tools, mining
equipment, automation gear, foodstuff equipment, packaging gear,
tobacco tools and so on.

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